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Turtle Typing – Level 1

Turtle Typing – Level One is a typing primer for the SMART Board created for children aged 4-6. In this activity, students are presented with a series of letters that spell out a Pre-primer or Primer word from the Dolch Word List (see Teacher Notes for complete list of the 16 words used in the activity). When the letter appears, students touch on the corresponding letter on the keyboard. If they are correct, the activity displays the next letter. When the word is displayed, students type out the word for reinforcement.


Staff Recommended Resources

Puppy Pattern – Drag-And-Drop

This is an amazing activity that challenges students to find the correct color circle that will complete the pattern. This is an interactive activity that provides students with immediate feedback after they drag their choice into the open location. The drag-and-drop technique used in this activity has never been seen before and represents another one-of-a-kind technique created by lead developer James Hollis.




Binary Canary Review Game: Two-Step Equations

This is an extremely useful resource for introducing or reinforcing the steps for finding the Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple using Prime Factorization. The activity contains three different examples and allows the teacher/student to go through each process step-by-step.




Banana Rama – Rounding To Nearest 10

This game is a fun way to assess and review rounding number to the nearest 10s position.

Includes instructions for changing the numbers so you can build additional versions of the game using different numbers!




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