Binary Canary Review: Two-Step Equations

The Binary Canary Review Game is a totally new and unique style of review game. This edition of the game reviews two-step equations.

To play the game, teams try to locate the correct color pattern consisting of three concentric circles. When a team finds the correct color pattern, answering the question correctly determines which team wins the round.

Each of the three rounds consists of seven different color patterns and questions. Answering a question correctly allows a team to change the color pattern in search for the one that matched the color pattern for that round. Each color pattern is represented by a number represented in both Base 10 and Base 2 and each of the three circles represents one of the digits in the Base 2 number. Don’t worry, once you play around with changing the patterns, you’ll understand how everything works. The trick is for students to figure out how to control which pattern is displayed next. To do this, all they have to do is notice the connection between the binary digits and the three circles.

Your students will love this!

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