Dragon Drop – Function Tables (+/-)

The Dragon Drop – Function Tables for Addition and Subtraction is HOT! This is a wonderful resource for learning or reinforcing the concept of functions in the primary grades. The activity contains 10 different Function Tables with Addition and Subtraction Rules. To use the activity, students drag the numbers from the green selection area into the function table following the giving Rule. If they are correct, the answer will snap into place; if they are incorrect, the number will return to the selection area. This activity was designed for Notebook 11. You must be a member to download this resource. Become a Member Now – It’s Free!      ...

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Turtle Typing – Level One

Turtle Typing – Level One is a typing primer for the SMART Board created for children aged 4-6. In this activity, students are presented with a series of letters that spell out a Pre-primer or Primer word from the Dolch Word List (see Teacher Notes for complete list of the 16 words used in the activity). When the letter appears, students touch on the corresponding letter on the keyboard. If they are correct, the activity displays the next letter. When the word is displayed, students type out the word for reinforcement. This activity uses techniques from the Sentence Builder Guided Activity to create an engaging activity that provides students with immediate feedback. You must be a member to download this resource. Become a Member Now – It’s Free!     Preview – Entire Activity Contains 16 words from the Dolch Word List.   [slideshow exclude=”12″]...

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