Random Student Picker Activity


Random Student Picker

This guided activity demonstrates the process of creating a custom student selection generator that will randomly select a student when the user touches a button on the SMART Board.

This activity uses a creative and simple technique that allows teachers to customize the random selector with the names of their students. Teachers can easily change the number of students and the names of the students so they can continue to use the application over and over again, year after year. This guided activity contains 11 short videos and is divided into three sections that will guide the user through the entire process of building a custom student picker.

Video - Random Student Picker Completed Activity

Random Student Picker

To begin, open Smart Notebook so you can follow along while the video instructions take you step-by-step in creating a Random Student Picker for your classroom. This activity contains two sections and the instructions are broken into short, manageable segments.

Section One: Adding and Modifying Flash Object

This section guides the participant through the process adding Gallery objects to the My Content folder and inserting flash objects from the Gallery to the workspace.

Step 1: Customize the Notebook Toolbar (1:20)

Step 2: Add Gallery Items to My Content Folder

To add the Gallery Items you’ll need for this activity, click on the Notebook Gallery file below to open Notebook and install the items. After you open the file, the resources will be contained in a Folder named “Random Student Picker” inside your My Content Folder.

Lesson Activity Toolkit Gallery Items

Step 3: Add Random Word Chooser Flash Object (2:02)

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