Turn On The Light Activity


Turn On The Light

This course will guide participants through the process of creating an authentic multi-page interactive application in Smart Notebook 10. Users will build a fun review game called Turn On the Light that will challenge students to solve a problem and then search around the page using a flashlight to see if they can reveal the correct answer. When they think they have found the correct answer, they touch the light switch to see if they are correct. If they are correct, the lights will turn on and they can go to the next question. If the student touches the wrong light switch, the lights will stay off and they will be told to return to the original question.

Video - Turn On The Light Completed Activity

Turn On The Light

To begin, open Smart Notebook so you can follow along while the video instructions take you step-by-step in creating your Turn On The Light Activity. This activity contains six sections and the instructions are broken into short, manageable segments to help you follow along step-by-step. The techniques contained in this guided activity can be used to create similar types of activities and can be applied to any subject area or grade level.

Section One: Preparing Application and Building the Flashlight

This section guides the participant through the process of defining the application’s default fonts as well as building the illuminated flashlight image that will be used to reveal hidden information.

Step 1: Setting Default Fonts (1:57)

Step 2: Copy Flashlight Image Into Application (1:05)

Flashlight Image Used In Video Instructions:


Step 3: Add Flashlight Image to Gallery (2:05)

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