Puppy Pattern (Premium Only)

The Puppy Pattern Activity is the first of its kind to use a new drag-and-drop technique for providing immediate feedback to students.

The activity contains 18 different color patterns for the students to evaluate. To complete the pattern, students drag-and-drop the correct color circle into the empty space. If the student drags in the correct color, they are given an immediate puppy thumbs up. However, if they drag in any of the other colors, the puppy pops up with a puppy frown.

This activity utilizes a never-before-seen technique developed by our lead developer James Hollis. His ability to take the Smart Notebook software to new levels is nothing short of amazing!

This activity is currently for Premium Members Only due to the highly advanced technique for providing immediate feedback.

This activity requires Notebook 11.

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This Slideshow shows only one of the 18 patterns for the students to complete.